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Publication: Kampen om de danske slaver

2017.11.15 | Publication

Publication of anthology in Danish: Kampen om de danske slaver: Aktuelle perspektiver på kolonihistorien

Call for Papers - Haiti and the World: Global Effects of Haitian Tremors – 1791, 2010

2017.09.29 | Publication

Special issue of Karib – Nordic Journal for Caribbean Studies (

Call for Papers - Slavery, Memory and Literature

2017.06.12 | Workshop

Workshop, Paris, October 18-19 2017, Columbia Global Center and EHESS

Call for articles - Literature, Slavery and the Emotions

2017.05.31 | Publication

Literature associated with slavery provokes and often seeks to provoke emotional responses. This has been most widely studied in the context of late 18th and 19th sentimentalism, a key dimension of abolitionist movements. As a first major case of affective politics, slavery paved the way for more recent efforts to not only ‘harness’…

Upcoming events

Thu 24 Jan
16:14-18:00 | New York, USA
Seminar: Slavery, Authorship and Literary Culture
Maison française, Columbia University, New York, January 24-26 Deadline for proposals September 1, 2018.

Recent events

Fri 22 Jun
14:00-15:45 | Dokk1, Aarhus
African Slaveries: Silent or silenced Memories?
Wed 18 Oct
09:00-21:50 | Paris, France
Slavery, Memory and Literature
Workshop, Paris, October 18-19 2017, Columbia Global Center and EHESS
Thu 10 Aug
09:00-16:58 | Aarhus University
Shaking Up the World? Global Effects of Haitian Tremors: 1791, 2010
Symposium, University of Aarhus, Denmark August 10-12, 2017

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