2017.06.12 | Workshop

Call for Papers - Slavery, Memory and Literature

Workshop, Paris, October 18-19 2017, Columbia Global Center and EHESS

2017.05.31 | Publication

Call for articles - Literature, Slavery and the Emotions

Literature associated with slavery provokes and often seeks to provoke emotional responses. This has been most widely studied in the context of late 18th and 19th sentimentalism, a key dimension of abolitionist movements. As a first major case of affective politics, slavery paved the way for more recent efforts to not only ‘harness’…

2016.09.06 | Seminar

Three calls for papers

Call for papers out for: Session at the ACLA in Utrecht, July 2017 (deadline September 27, 2016) Seminar on “Slavery and Emotion”,Martinique, January 6-8 2017 (deadline October 15, 2016). Symposium on Haiti "Shaking Up the World? Global Effects of Haitian Tremors: 1791, 2010", August 2017 (deadline February 1, 2017)

2016.01.01 | Publication

The Dark Continent? Images of Africa in European Narratives about the Congo

English translation of Frits Andersens work on European Narratives on Africa

2015.11.02 | Publication

Between Eurafrica and Afropa

Special issue of the Danish journal K&K edited by Mads Anders Baggesgaard and Stefan Jonsson.