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African Slaveries: Silent or silenced Memories?

2018.04.19 | Mads Anders Baggesgaard

Date Fri 22 Jun
Time 14:00 15:45
Location Dokk1, Aarhus
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OVER the past ten years there has been much attention for (commemorating) the transatlantic slave trade, especially in the Western world. What has not been remembered as well – some would say forgotten – is internal African slavery. Why is this the case? Have the memories of internal African slaveries been silent or silenced?

Dr. L. Pelckmans from Copenhagen/Aarhus University will present a contrasting overview of the lacking attention of these specific slaveries in feature films (e.g. '12 years a slave', 'Django', 'Lincoln', etc), museum exhibits as well as successful novels and digitised databases, such as http://www.slavenarratives.org.

After this contrasting overview, a 30 minutes documentary movie entitled ‘Yesterday’s slaves: democracy and citizenship in Benin’ by Camilla Strandbjerg and Eric Hahonou will give insight in contemporary legacies of internal African slave trade in today's Benin (West-Africa).

The talk and movie is a collaboration with the research project 'Reading Slavery' at Aarhus University. The talk will be followed up by Q&A in an open discussion.

The talk and movie are in English. Questions can be asked in Danish.