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Reading Slavery

Comparative Studies of the Literature of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Reading slavery is now part of the Center for the Study of the Literatures and Cultures of Slavery and this page is no longer updated. Please refer to the home page of the center for upcoming events and news.

Reading Slavery - Comparative Studies of the Literature of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

The research project Reading Slavery aims to study the literary implications of the transatlantic slave trade, which had a crucial, but often disregarded importance for the cultural development in the nations and regions involved. Through the comparative study of a broad range of literary artefacts related to colonial slavery, the project highlights the reciprocal cultural exchanges between colonies and the colonized world.

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Publication: Kampen om de danske slaver

2017.11.15 | Publication

Publication of anthology in Danish: Kampen om de danske slaver: Aktuelle perspektiver på kolonihistorien

Call for Papers - Haiti and the World: Global Effects of Haitian Tremors – 1791, 2010

2017.09.29 | Publication

Special issue of Karib – Nordic Journal for Caribbean Studies (www.karib.no)

Call for Papers - Slavery, Memory and Literature

2017.06.12 | Workshop

Workshop, Paris, October 18-19 2017, Columbia Global Center and EHESS

Call for articles - Literature, Slavery and the Emotions

2017.05.31 | Publication

Literature associated with slavery provokes and often seeks to provoke emotional responses. This has been most widely studied in the context of late 18th and 19th sentimentalism, a key dimension of abolitionist movements. As a first major case of affective politics, slavery paved the way for more recent efforts to not only ‘harness’…

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Recent events

Fri 15 Jan
09:00-17:00 |
The Danish Atlantic
A transdisciplinary symposium on the realities and effects of Denmark’s participation in the transatlantic slave trade
Tue 08 Sep
09:30-12:30 | Store sal, Kasernen, Langelandsgade 140, Aarhus University
Slavery and Comparative Literature:
Themes, Methods, and Historical Reality
Wed 20 May
13:00-16:00 | Kasernen, Langelandsgade, Bygn. 1584, Lok. 124
Slaveriets litteraturhistorie

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